Welcome to Oscar Lars Painting Studio
Hobby Tutorial Project

Here at Oscar Lars Painting Studio we pride ourselves in giving to the community that makes us. Without the enormous support from players local and beyond we can do what we love. Our project of providing free to use hobby tutorials for wargaming painters and players all around the world is our way to pay our way forward and keep our community positive and striving to push forward with new wonderful ways of doing things.


Our project is funded through several contributors.

Our Patreon Page

Through our amazing patreons we receive extra funding to upgrade our equipment and dedicate even more time to produce high quality, easy to follow video tutorials.

Oscar Lars Shop

By purchasing our merchandise you put more money into this project. We use only high quality products from the best distributors so when you buy our merch, you know you’ll get only the best!

Redgrass Affiliation Program

Redgrass Games is a contributor of these tutorials and Oscar Lars Painting Studio. By using the links on the “Shop” tab on this website, they automatically donate money towards this project. This is a great way to shop amazing products and automatically, free of charge, contribute to the project.