What We Offer

Oscar Lars Painting Studio offers commission services for almost any game in the tabletop industry. These services include assembly & cleaning, converting, sculpting, kitbashing, painting, basing, display boards, and custom scenery.

Here are the four tiers we offer:

Tabletop: This budget-friendly tier where you’ll get a clean paint job that will look smashing on the table.

Tabletop Plus: This tier gives you more attention to detail to get your models a striking look both on the table and closer up.

Tabletop Premium: A quality for the the gamer that wants a show stopper. This is the quality that will run at the top of the painting standard at tournaments.

Masterclass: This is our display quality tier perfect for a collectors piece or center piece or your army.

Display Boards

Display Boards are custom made to fit your army both by size and theme. They are of a range of materials such as wood, Styrofoam, basing materials and scenery pieces. There are no tiers for display boards but they can be made in a range of complexities.

The Process

It will start with your idea – at which point we will ask as many questions as needed from you to understand more accurately what you have in mind and how we can turn this project into an excellent piece of art you can be proud to show off.

– The Quote: You will be given an estimated figure your idea will cost. If the budget is too high or too low we will keep adjusting it until it works our for you.

– Booking: Your project will be booked into a time slot either as soon as possible or a later date at your request. In order to book in your project, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot in our schedule.

– Your Project starts: Once your project starts, you will be notified each week about how your project is progressing including pictures. These pictures allow clients to see the process in action as well as make corrections along the way should they want to (for a potential extra fee). This is the perfect time for you as a client to lean back and allow us to do the hard work!

– Prototypes: For larger armies, we are happy make a prototype before we start. The cost of a prototype is the same as the cost of any model from the army at the tier you have selected.

– Completion: When your project is complete you’ll receive professional pictures of your units and display board. These pictures are for your final approval and complimentary for you to keep and post on your social media platforms or hold for private collection.

– Final payment: Once your project is complete and approved your final payment is due within 30 days. Once the payment has been made we will securely and carefully pack your project and ship it out to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

– “Can I mix tiers or do I need to stick with one?”
You can mix any way you want. A common way is to use tabletop or tabletop plus for all your main troops and tabletop premium and masterclass for your elite troops and leaders.

-“How long can I expect my project to take?”
It depends on your budget. Whether your project is big or small, once we start working on your commission we focus our full attention on it until it is finished. This means you can expect a speedy process to get your project from queue to your hands.

-“Why should I take my commission to your studio?”
First, we here at Oscar Lars Painting Studio work first and foremost as artists to continue working with our passion for miniature painting. Secondly, we pride ourselves to produce quality work whether you commission tabletop or masterclass quality. Additionally, we put part of our profit back into our clients and community through free youtube tutorials, shirts, client exclusive dice, and stickers. The later are gifted to larger projects.

-“What if I have placed a commission 6 months down the road and the meta changes making the miniatures I have commissioned change from great to not so great?”
We are gamers too, and we know how frustrating it can be to paint something up to turn bad as soon as you get it on the table. This is why we are very open minded to changes of your commission. The only thing we ask is that the new commission content is the same budget (as we allocate a certain time in our schedule depending on budget) and that this change is done a few weeks before project starts.

Client Reviews

“Oscar is not only a fantastic painter, he also has a keen interest to see historical figures are painted correctly. His tabletop standard is far above any other painter in the US. I would recommend Oscar to anyone with any sized project. You will not be disappointed. Ask about his detail work on key leader figures too. Amazing stuff. Here are some examples of the level of detail he put into some 20mm WW2 figures of mine. They look like they could be 28mm.”

“I have had a number of projects done by Oscar. His work is top notch, his customer service goes above and beyond all normal accommodation, and he is truly a fan of the Hobby. I’d go as far as to say he is the best painter in the states for the price and service.”

“I highly recommend Oscar to anyone requiring the services of a professional painter for a tabletop army, for multiple reasons: 1) he is an award-winning painter and it shows in the quality of his work – far above any other that I have seen to date; 2) his creativity and sculpting skills enable him to personalize any army and make it truly unique; 3) he is highly professional, a great communicator and a pleasure to work with. I have bought 2 armies from him and every time, the service has been impeccable!”


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